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Recording your first few songs in DIY manner can be really tough when you just turned 19 and you suffer from a severe lack of life experience and (financial) possibilities. By purchasing this CD you purchased songs that were recorded in the weirdest places, with none of us having a clue about what was actually going on and tons of love. This EP is part of a big DIY/life project (and should be handled as such).

Thanks to all you lovely people who come to shows and sing along, set up shows for NAPAEA, let us crash at their places and spread happiness into the world. All of you people mentioned above & everybody else contributing to the growth of the NAPAEA-family in any way – keep on dancing, take care, feel hugged.


released April 24, 2016

Music & Lyrics: Katharina Milchrahm
Voice, Guitar: Katharina Milchrahm
Harp, Melodica: Manfred Milchrahm
Violin: Katja Haspl
Bass: Christian Vo
Drums: Manfred Koch
Choir: Dominik Maierhofer, Katja,
Christian, Manfred, Manfred

Recorded by: Christian Vo
Produced by NAPAEA -
and Singing Sailorman Records -

Graphic by:
Photos: Katharina Zehrfuchs




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NAPAEA Graz, Austria

"NAPAEA" is the folk-pop project of young Austrian singer/songwriter Katharina Milchrahm. NAPAEA is accompanied by blues harps, fiddle, bass and drums, which gives her music it's unique sound by combining classical singer/songwriter with elements of Folk and a little bit of Punk. ... more

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Track Name: When we get old
CHORUS: And our dreams scream and shout from inside out, 'cause they just don't wanna be so easily forgotten.
We better insist on impossible dreams, than wait until the world doesn't revolve anymore.

1) Everybody ́s got themselves, a way to go and a thing to reach
but none of us have been told that life consists of learn & teach
that our time is running out, ́cause we won ́t be here long

2) Anytime we heard adults talk we ́ve been annoyed about the way they act
their complaining about grey hair and the times fast passing by
about every single guy they did complain in fact


3) When we get old then not like them, so we planned to start our fight
the best decision we could ́ve made after a few drinks in the night
“let ́s get immortal” the resolution for coming years

4) We just don ́t wanna work all day thinking “when does life exactly begin?”
but chase our dreams so tell me - would it be a sin?
one decision to make that doesn ́t seem to ache?


5) When everybody else is too bored we will sing and dance until we die
when everybody else is too tired we will continue on our own
with being young and with our immortality.

Bridge) Times may change but we stay the same except the fact that we ́re not immortal Some day we ́ll be creased but we stay young anyway!

Track Name: Benefit of being young
Well, I ́ve never been denying where I come from
even if it ́s a place I don’t belong to.
I ́am not like all it ́s people and I guess I ́ll never be,
rumors and complaints and lies are all that I can see.
They ́re always meeting at the coffee in the morning
and chew you up without any warning.
Despite of all the miscommunication they do not fancy
confrontation no conversation at all.
Since I can remember the great world ́s my obsession
but it took a so long time until I ́ve made this confession.
Someday I might be worn out and dirty I could be,
that ́s the prize that I would pay for running to be free.
Well, I ́ll never be denying where I come from
́cause it ́s a place that I could so pretty well belong to.
I ́m not like all it ́s people, don ́t even wish that I could be
but the streets and fields I love so much is where I wanna be,
but before I settle down here so much more is left to see.

Despite all my complaints I ́m still stuck
in the same old night and day
I ́m preparing to get away, my shoes
are cleaned the passport ́s packed,
a map under my bed
The benefit of being young – is that you can faster run.
Track Name: Daydreaming
Somehow, somewhere, I swear, I ́ll be maybe the part of a
homeless, rootless tree. I go wherever the wind is swaying, my
dreams are going and my mind is fading, but always I will travel
by touching the ground.
I ́ve got so many reasons for my mind ́s travelling, but I guess
that ́s nothing quite worth mentioning. There are just too many
things that I ́m sick and tired of. To be honest it ́s not brave to
hide behind a dream.
I spend my whole life daydreaming, yeah at least every day,
it ́s a quite good way to survive a whole damn life. Somehow,
somewhere, I swear, I ́ll be maybe the part of a homeless,
rootless tree.
So what is my prize to pay? Knowing I will ever stray, ́cause the
path I follow is just another way of escaping reality. Everyday I ́m
waking up and I realize I didn ́t dream at all, just a nightmare,
which wasn ́t worth to fall asleep for. I spend my whole life
daydreaming, yeah at least every day, it ́s a quite good way to
survive a whole damn life.
Track Name: Low Crime Rate
Don ́t you ever kind of wish that the world could turn faster, so
that you ́re blind for all the things that you don ́t wanna see?
́Cause you ́re too young too old, too good, too sick and tired of
all that shit.
Don ́t you ever kind of think that the trees could be greener and
the snow could fall faster from the sky? But you don ́t see the
sky, the blowing-up is bringing it ́s clouds.
Have you ever dreamed of the day, when you wanna lie down on
the lawn, but you can ́t see the grass because of all that green?
Well that ́s never gonna happen, grey shades are coming down

Then the only thing that ́s left to do is die,
do you really wanna die?
When nothing else remains? When there ́s nothing
that ́s worth it to take away?
Then everything that ́s left is a low crime rate.
A low crime rate, when every guy has been shot and can ́t
be killed again, when every girl has been raped and can ́t
get hurt again, when every word has been sung and can ́t
be said again!
A low crime rate, yeah that ́s everything that ́s left,
when everything is gone and everybody ́s dead.
Lovely low crime rate.
Track Name: England
Promise me you ́ll never come to England, it just takes your heart
and you ́ll never find back home. Now I ́m facing old houses and
I ́m desperately waiting to be invited in.

There ́s a river running right through the middle of London, it
departs the people but the bridges help to find their loves.
Though I ́m standing on bridges never knowing which direction
I should go.

Since I have been home I do think about you, I ́m missing all
the wandering and the feelings that I had in Rome. St. Pauls
Cathedral ́s never let me in still London ́s on my mind.

So can you please, please, tell England to let me go?
I ́m alone in this country and my feet are losing ground so
I can ́t find my way back home.
Track Name: Heroes & Nights
Do you still remember the dreams that you had as a child that
got shattered in front of your eyes when you were just about to
believe they would come true? But these words by your hero
helping making amends for every mistake you ́ve made – and oh
damn I ́ve made so many!

She is a broken-hearted but she keeps on walking step by step
by step, ́cause she ́s got a song on her mind, sung by a man who
knows how life is played. It ́s her hero, a singing sailor man that
goes fishing for fucked up dreams just with a hoarse voice. And
I ́m dragging myself across the floor ́cause I still don ́t know
what I ́m looking for!

Oh god, don ́t you thing that way of living is killing us inside,
don ́t you think that way of loving is breaking our hearts?
Don ́t you think that is the right way to spend our time?

We sing for our heroes till four in the morning with a whisky
glass and guitar sound, we drink till we ́re drunk and we sing till
we ́re done and we lift them up high, we still sing their songs!
Track Name: Sam's favourite song
All the cities that you ́ve met equals people that you ́ve lost,
́cause they never got to see you since you ́re always on the run.
They chased you through the woods, from the city into the lake
for you never wanted to grow old or live a life being told.
Do the same things keep you shivering since you ́re grown up
now? You promised me to stay strong, that I wouldn ́t
drown alone.
You always used to fuck up, decisions that you ́ve made, but for
better or for worse, you are turning into somebody else.
You said that nothing truly matters, no nothing truly matters.
So who am I supposed to be now? Waiting for you to get over the
loss of your youth.
Now the embers of your body shining dark and lying cold, they
constitute the wisdom of what I have been taught.

I found that no sin truly matters, no, no sin truly matters
I found that no sin truly matters ́cause we ́re already damned
I found that no sin truly matters, no, no sin truly matters
I found that no sin truly matters ́cause we ́re already in hell

I must be out of my mind thinking you would come home anytime.
No matter where we end up we ́ll call this place our own
no matter where we end up we ́ll call this place our home.